Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wow .. That Was Weird


We all know them (if you've never met one, perhaps you should take a long, hard look in the mirror) or are related to one .. or two .. or ten (shake the family tree hard enough and ...).

The aunt who lives in an 500 square foot apartment .. with 37 cats.

A cousin who walks around town donning a wool scarf, heavy winter coat and coonskin cap .. in the month of July.

The neighbor who goes out to the mailbox wearing only boxers, flip flops .. and an evil grin.

The women who likes to vacuum in the nude .. with the curtains open.

The guy on the bus who sings along with his iPod .. to the top of his lungs .. off key.

The man in the park carrying on a heated argument over this Bluetooth headset, only .. there's no Bluetooth headset.

They say that "every dog has its day" (actually, multiple ones during the summer). Well, the same is true for weirdos and it is today, September 9.

Wonderful Weirdos Day started ten years ago in Austin, Texas when a special day was set aside to celebrate the uniqueness of its citizens (now you know why they say don't mess with Texas).

Coincidently, I have family in Austin and they have been living there for well over ten years .. no comments, please.

Even if you don't consider yourself a weirdo (weird is in the eye of the beholder), why not take the opportunity to do something strange and "off the wall" on this special day.

Get on an elevator and instead of facing the door, face the people.

Go to the meat department at your local grocery and ring the little bell. When the guy with the white apron comes out, point your finger at him and scream, "YOU BUTCHER!"

Order a Big Mac, fries and a coke from the drive-through .. at the bank.

You gotta love a weirdo.

It's true. Just ask my wife.

"Jehu went back to his fellow officers, and one of them asked him, 'What did that crazy fellow want? Is everything all right?' 'You know the way such a man babbles on,' Jehu replied." - II Kings 9:11

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